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Your Prop Firm

YourPropFirm positions itself as a one-stop shop for launching and managing prop trading firms. They cater to both individuals and organizations with over 7 years of experience in the industry. Here's a breakdown of their offerings:


  • Front-End & Back-End Solutions: They handle both the user-facing aspects and operational logistics of your prop firm.
  • Reputation Management: They help build your brand image and address any negative feedback.
  • Lead Generation & Sales: They assist in attracting potential prop traders and converting them into clients.
  • Industry Networking: They connect you with relevant industry contacts.
  • Evaluation Design: They help create customized evaluation programs for prop traders (funding models, trading challenges).
  • Capital & Liquidity Solutions: They advise on broker and liquidity provider selection.
  • Multilingual Support & Merchant Accounts: They offer global reach and payment processing solutions.


  • Proprietary Technology & Dashboard: They claim their technology streamlines prop firm operations and offers a user-friendly dashboard.
  • 100% Profit Retention: You keep all profits generated by your prop firm.
  • Customizable Programs: They allow you to tailor evaluation programs and trading challenges to attract specific types of traders.
  • Marketing & Growth Support: They offer marketing assistance to help your prop firm expand its reach.
  • Advanced Trading Technology & Data: They provide prop traders with advanced tools and real-time market information.
  • API Integration & Security: They offer seamless API integration for developers and prioritize data security.
  • Expert Support: They provide comprehensive support to ensure smooth operation of your prop firm.

What to Consider:

While YourPropFirm offers a comprehensive suite of services, some information is missing from their website:

  • Cost: Pricing for their services is not readily available.
  • Platform Details: The specific trading platform they offer is not mentioned.
  • Risk Management Tools: Details on risk management features for prop traders are lacking.


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