Onezero Financial systems

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Onezero Financial systems

oneZero Financial Systems, LLC is a financial technology company that develops trading solution software for use in the global financial markets. Here's a breakdown of their key offerings:

  • Reliable Connectivity and Infrastructure: oneZero provides robust connectivity and infrastructure solutions for financial institutions and brokers. This ensures smooth and reliable data transmission between participants in the market.

  • Market Access: They offer access to a wide range of markets, including foreign exchange (forex), equities, commodities, and options. This allows brokers to provide their clients with a diverse trading experience.

  • Liquidity Aggregation: oneZero acts as an aggregator, connecting brokers to a vast network of liquidity providers. This helps brokers offer clients competitive pricing and a wider range of tradable instruments.

  • Order Routing and Execution: Their technology facilitates efficient order routing and execution, ensuring trades are placed quickly and accurately.

  • Trading Platforms: oneZero doesn't directly offer a retail trading platform. Instead, they provide solutions that integrate with existing platforms used by brokers.

Benefits of using oneZero:

  • Increased Efficiency: oneZero's solutions streamline trading operations for brokers, allowing them to focus on client service and business development.
  • Reduced Costs: By aggregating liquidity and offering efficient execution, oneZero can help brokers reduce their operational costs.
  • Improved Client Offering: Brokers using oneZero can offer their clients a wider range of products and services with better pricing.

additional details about oneZero:

  • Founded in 2009, they have a proven track record in the financial technology industry.
  • oneZero is certified to ISO 27001 information security management standards, indicating a strong commitment to data security.
  • They have development and operations centers in various regions around the world, ensuring global reach and support.


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