ChainUP emerges as a prominent player in the crypto exchange white label space, particularly for businesses targeting Asian markets. Here's a closer look at what ChainUP offers and why it might be a good fit for your needs:

Comprehensive White Label Solutions:

ChainUP goes beyond just exchange technology. They offer a suite of white label solutions encompassing various aspects of a successful crypto exchange:

  • Exchange Platform: Core trading engine for digital assets, margin trading, and derivatives (if desired).
  • NFT Marketplace: Integrated solution for users to buy, sell, and trade NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens).
  • Wallet Infrastructure: Secure storage solution for user crypto assets.
  • Liquidity Solutions: Access to deep liquidity pools for smooth trading and minimizing price slippage.
  • Risk Control Features: Tools to manage and mitigate risks associated with crypto trading.

Additional ChainUP Advantages:

  • Focus on Asian Markets: ChainUP has a strong presence in Asia with operations in Singapore, Hong Kong, and other countries. They might have a deeper understanding of regulatory nuances in these markets compared to some global competitors.
  • Scalability: Their platform is designed to scale efficiently, accommodating a growing user base and trading volume.
  • Customization: ChainUP offers a high level of customization for the white-label exchange, allowing you to tailor the user interface, branding, and even integrate your own plugins or features.
  • Fast Deployment: They boast the ability to deploy a complete white-label exchange platform within 24 hours, potentially speeding up your time to market.


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