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OneUp Trader

OneUp Trader is a proprietary trading firm that provides traders with the opportunity to trade forex and futures markets using its capital. Founded with the goal of enabling traders to grow their accounts without risking their own capital, OneUp Trader offers a structured evaluation process and funding options for aspiring and experienced traders alike.

How OneUp Trader Works

OneUp Trader operates on a structured evaluation and funding model to identify and support talented traders:

  1. Evaluation Process
    • Traders begin with an evaluation phase where they trade simulated accounts under real market conditions.
    • The evaluation process typically includes specific profit targets and risk management criteria.
  2. Funding Options
    • Successful traders who meet the evaluation criteria can receive funded trading accounts with varying capital sizes.
    • Traders are required to adhere to strict risk management rules and trading guidelines.
  3. Profit Sharing
    • Traders can keep a percentage of their profits, with profit splits varying based on the account size and specific terms of the agreement.

Key Features of OneUp Trader

  1. Flexible Funding Programs:
    • Offers multiple funding options with different evaluation criteria and account sizes.
    • Traders can choose the program that best fits their trading style and goals.
  2. Profit Potential:
    • Traders can earn a significant portion of their trading profits, providing an opportunity to grow their trading capital effectively.
  3. Risk Management:
    • Emphasizes strict risk management protocols to ensure sustainable trading practices and account growth.
  4. Support and Resources:
    • Provides access to trading tools, educational resources, and support from experienced professionals to help traders succeed.
  5. Performance Evaluation:
    • Regular performance evaluations and feedback help traders refine their strategies and improve their trading skills.

Advantages of Trading with OneUp Trader

  • Capital Accessibility: Access to trading capital without the need to invest personal funds, reducing financial risk.
  • Structured Evaluation: Clear evaluation criteria and performance metrics provide a transparent path to funded trading.
  • Profit Sharing: Traders retain a portion of their profits, offering potential for substantial earnings based on performance.
  • Supportive Community: Access to a community of traders and resources for ongoing development and improvement.


  • Evaluation Requirements: Traders must meet specific profit targets and risk management criteria during the evaluation phase to qualify for funded accounts.
  • Profit Split: While traders can retain a portion of their profits, profit sharing terms may vary based on account size and program specifics.
  • Market Focus: Primarily focuses on forex and futures trading, which may not appeal to traders looking to trade other asset classes.

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