My Funded Futures (MFF)

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My Funded Futures (MFF)

My Funded Futures (MFF) is a proprietary trading firm specializing in providing funded trading accounts to futures traders. The firm is designed to help traders access capital and trade futures contracts without risking their personal funds. Here’s a detailed look at My Funded Futures:

Key Features

Funding Programs

  1. Evaluation Program
    • Phases: Typically one phase.
    • Profit Targets: Varies by account type (e.g., 5-8% of the initial account balance).
    • Drawdown Limits: Combines daily and maximum drawdown limits, usually around 5-10%.
    • Account Sizes: Offers account sizes ranging from $10,000 to $150,000.
    • Trading Period: Typically 30 days to meet profit targets.
  2. Direct Funded Program
    • Phases: No evaluation, direct access to a funded account.
    • Profit Targets: No specific targets, direct trading with real capital.
    • Drawdown Limits: Similar to the evaluation program.
    • Account Sizes: Varies, typically higher initial fees.
    • Trading Period: Continuous trading with the funded account.

Trading Rules

  • Instruments: Focuses on futures contracts including indices, commodities, and treasury futures.
  • Leverage: Variable, typically around 1:10 or higher.
  • Platforms: Supports major futures trading platforms such as NinjaTrader, Sierra Chart, and Trading Technologies.


  • Profit Split: Generally starts at 80% and can go up to 90% based on performance.
  • Frequency: Monthly or upon request.
  • Payment Methods: Bank transfers, e-wallets, and other financial methods.


  • Evaluation Fees: One-time fee, varies based on the account size and duration of the evaluation period.
  • Direct Funding Fees: Higher initial fee for direct funding.

Trader Support

  • Educational Resources: Provides tutorials, webinars, and market analysis for futures trading.
  • Community: Engages traders through forums, social media, and trading groups.
  • Customer Support: Available via email, live chat, and phone support.

Pros and Cons


  • High Profit Split: Competitive profit-sharing arrangements.
  • Diverse Futures Contracts: Focus on a wide range of futures instruments.
  • Trader Resources: Comprehensive educational support.


  • Strict Evaluation: Challenging profit and drawdown criteria.
  • Fees: Evaluation and direct funding fees can be substantial.


My Funded Futures is relatively new but has received positive feedback for its trader-friendly policies and support systems. It aims to provide a robust platform for futures traders to manage capital effectively.

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